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Del Allen, “Diamond Del”, a graduate of Wofford College, founded Diamond Del’s Gem Mining Adventure, LLC in 1993. His educational program was a big hit with teachers in his native South Carolina, who affectionately dubbed him “Diamond Del” at a statewide teachers convention almost two decades ago.
Charleston, Atlanta, Central Florida, Raleigh Area
Bill Smith, “Billy Rock”, has been a Franchise Owner since 2009. His territory includes South Georgia, Northern Florida, as well as Beaufort and Hilton Head. He is a retired educator and business owner. Bill holds a MS from Clemson and has over fifteen years of college marketing and management teaching and training experience.
Beaufort/Hilton Head, South Georgia, North Florida
Carol and George Rabb have been the proud owners of the Louisiana franchise since 2004. Carol and George live in Geismar with their two sons and enjoy volunteering as church youth sponsors and accompanying the youth on various mission trips.
Joey Caldwell has serviced the Upstate of South Carolina with his franchise since 2008. As a father of two, he enjoys the freedom and flexibility that come with franchise ownership. He also looks forward to his summers off so he can spend time with his teenaged sons. Joey looks forward to each school visit because every day is different, and the students always eagerly await his arrival.
Upstate South Carolina
Orlando Benitez, along with his wife and four children moved to the Atlanta area to help with a Christian Ministry in 2005. They love their community and enjoy being surrounded by so much nature. Orlando discovered his passion for entertaining and educating children once he became a father and then again as a grandfather. The Franchise Owner of the Atlanta area since 2011, he has enjoyed being a part Diamond Del because it combines fun with education and allows children to explore their curiosity while engaging their minds.
Atlanta Area

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