Del Allen

Del Allen, “Diamond Del”, a graduate of Wofford College, founded Diamond Del’s Gem Mining Adventure, LLC in 1993. His educational program was a big hit with teachers in his native South Carolina, who affectionately dubbed him “Diamond Del” at a statewide teachers convention almost two decades ago. Currently, Del services schools in the Lowcountry, while continuing to expand Diamond Del’s foot print throughout the Southeast. Today, over 500,000 students have participated in the fun-filled and educational experience of gem mining.


South Carolina – Charleston Area, Columbia Area
North Carolina – Raleigh Area
Florida – Central Florida

State Standards

Our Program is curriculum compatible with all the states we currently service.  To find our more specific information make sure you view our State Standard Curriculum Report.


$9 – $11* – Per Student
*Price depends on travel time and number of participants. Please contact me for specific pricing.

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Phone: 843-814-5105

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