Orlando Benitez

Orlando Benitez, along with his wife and four children moved to the Atlanta area to help with a Christian Ministry in 2005. They love their community and enjoy being surrounded by so much nature. Orlando discovered his passion for entertaining and educating children once he became a father and then again as a grandfather. The Franchise Owner of the Atlanta area since 2011, he has enjoyed being a part Diamond Del because it combines fun with education and allows children to explore their curiosity while engaging their minds.


Atlanta Area

State Standards

Our Program is curriculum compatible with all the states we currently service.  To find our more specific information make sure you view our State Standard Curriculum Report.


$9 – $11* – Per Student
*Price depends on travel time and number of participants. Please contact me for specific pricing.

Contact Orlando

Phone: 770-298-8188
Email: diamonddelatl@gmail.com

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